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Kylie Jenner attends The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp: Notes on Fashion at Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 06, 2019 in New York City.

Kylie Jenner recently launched two brands: Kylie Baby and Kylie Swim. Two weeks since her swimwear line has launched, people have begun calling her out for the poor quality.

24-year-old Jenner’s swimwear looked good in photos and on various models, but it hasn’t been meeting expectations with people who have ordered the brand in real life.

On TikTok, some users have gotten millions of views from their honest Kylie Swim reviews as they try on the swimwear in front of the camera. The biggest complaint is the material the suits are made out of are see-through. Others have drawn attention to more general issues with the quality and sizing.

“I would show you these on, but I literally can’t because these swimsuits are not it,” said TikToker @kindredl. “I wasn’t expecting the material to be so thin, that it just shows… everything.”

“The material is just paper thin. I could get better swimsuits at target,” she continues. “Don’t even get me started on the quality of this one piece. I don’t know if the video shows it, but first of all, the seams are very messed up.”

“I would give them a 2/10.” Watch the TikTok review below:

TikToker Shayla (@makeupshayla) posted a review as well titled, “Kylie swim honest review,” saying in the video, “Before I try it on, I just have to point out how sheer the material is.” She then tried on the swimsuit, but said you can completely see through the top, which thankfully doesn’t show up in the video.

Shayla said the design was great, but would not be getting into water, only using the suit for a photo op on her next vacation.

“So I tried Kylie Swim and…🥴🥴🥴” started off one TikTok video, which has received over 18 million plays in the two days it’s been up. What followed next was a hole in the swimsuit, showing how see-through it is in front of a window and the sloppy seams.

Jessica Anderson, a TikTok user and founder of her own swimwear line shared her opinion of Kylie Swim saying, “I am completely and totally disappointed that this is completely see-through. I’ve seen the behind-the-scenes of what it takes to produce swimwear and the fact that no one caught that this is completely see-through blows my mind. I’m sure they did because they had to Photoshop some of their photos to make this work.”

She added, “For me, it comes down to lack of integrity.”

People on Twitter shared similar thoughts about the design and fit of the swimwear.

“It baffles me how people like Kylie can literally have a bajillion dollars for a business and the products still be lackluster. It has me thinking is she truly hands on or just starting things for fun? Idek. Also I thought releasing kylie swim in the fall is odd.”

Jenner has previously faced criticism for products for the quality of Kylie Cosmetics when it first came out, as well as her Kylie Skin walnut face scrub that still remains for sale.

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