At the end of 2022, we learned that a Real Housewives alum was living in Augusta. Tinsley Mortimer was on Real Housewives of New York and after leaving there, she moved to Chicago, then Palm Beach, before landing in Augusta in 2022. And now, this Real Housewives alum is getting a documentary.

According to Distractify, Mortimer, who was a socialite turned reality TV star, is still a “2000s It Girl.” And the new Hulu documentary will take a look at Mortimer’s early life.  The special is called Queenmaker: The Making of an It Girl and it premieres on Hulu today (May 17th).

The documentary has a variety of notorious figures who reflect on the 2000s, the scandals, gossip, and celebrity that came during the early days of blogging. And when it came to the blogosphere, Tinsley Mortimer had quite an impact back in the day.  According to The Daily Beast, Mortimer was “famous for being famous.”

The documentary takes a look at Mortimer’s life in New York and her “insider status”. Interviews address a variety of “dirty details” from behind-the-scenes of the glamourous lifestyles of socialites and the impact of the blog culture during that time.

The Daily Beast points out: “The film is not so much a study of blogs or socialites as it is of the pattern of human behavior that pushed society to need both of those things, for different reasons.” Get more of an indepth review of the film from The Daily Beast HERE.