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MANCHESTER, TN - JUNE 14: Artist Frank Ocean performs during the 2014 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival on June 14, 2014 in Manchester, Tennessee.

Frank Ocean’s highly anticipated headline set happened at Coachella over the weekend. Besides performing, the artist hinted that a new project is in the works.

Speaking to the crowd during his performance, Ocean said: “It’s been so long, but I have missed you. I wanna talk about why I’m here, ‘cos it’s not because of a new album — not that there’s not a new album — but there’s not right now.”

“These last couple of years, my life changed so much and my brother and I came to this festival a lot. I feel like I was dragged out here half the time. We were just dancing in that tent to that music and I know he would have been so excited to be here with all of us and I wanted to say thank you for all the support and the love.”

The Channel Orange creator’s brother Ryan Moore (mostly known as Ryan Breaux) died in 2020. He was in a car crash in Los Angeles per the Los Angeles Times. Moore was 18. His friend, Ezekial “Zeek” Bishop, 20, who was driving at the time of the crash. He also died of blunt force injuries, the medical examiner said.

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Ocean performed live renditions of hits songs “Novacane,” “Come On World,” “You Can’t Go!,” “Crack Rock,” “Bad Religion,” and “White Ferrari.”

The last time Ocean released a full-length project was Blonde back in 2016.

Although Ocean was billed as the final headliner for Coachella, his performance still became a surprise to fans since the artist was an hour late to his scheduled slot. According to reports, his set was deeply intimate as the stage was created to look like a recording studio. His performance came three years after the artist was slated to headline the festival. Travis Scott, and Rage Against the Machine were also billed as headliners back in 2020. The concert was postponed due to COVID.

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