It’s the holiday season. And yes, we are all busy. But when it comes to our delivery drivers… they are even busier this time of year! With the increase in online shopping over the years, delivery drivers tend to be busy all year round, but the holidays can be crazy. The men and women who deliver our packages put in a lot of hours, do a lot of walking, and sometimes have to carry heavy boxes. So it’s nice to see that there are people showing their appreciation for their work. And this delivery driver’s reaction to snacks is awesome!

It may not seem like a lot… but there are definitely those who will appreciate this kind gesture! This delivery driver’s reaction to snacks is definitely pure joy! And when the UPS guy returned for a second time, he was just as excited. Even the FedEx guy did a little happy dance when he saw the thoughtful gift.  This is what the holiday season is about.  Small, kind gestures. Spreading positivity and joy. There’s a lot of bad going on in our world, so any time we can show an act of kindness is a great thing!

This particular UPS driver even came back to show just how much he appreciated the home owners!

Here’s another FedEx driver arriving at the house.  He was on the phone, and talks about how he loves houses that have snacks!


"Ooo, they got snacks. I love houses with snacks. It's just the best." (The snack cart has been refilled since this 😜) ❤️ #snackcart #wholesome #fyp #christmas #deliveryheroes #nestcam #holidays #foryoupage #fedex #snacks #reaction

♬ original sound - Toni Rae Barnett

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And if you didn’t know, there’s also a way you can tip your Amazon delivery drivers now too.  Check that out HERE.

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