While the flavor may not be too appealing, the name of this new soda being extremely close to its main competitor sure is interesting…For hot cocoa lovers and Pepsi lovers alike, this new combination sounds like a winter-time dream.

Pepsi took to Twitter mid December announcing their latest concept, “Cocoa” cola.  Not to be confused with their competition, Coca-cola, Pepsi’s new drink will have hints of chocolate and marshmallow mixed along with the original recipe.

The company was merely testing out this new flavor in their taste kitchen, but hopped on the internet to  say if their tweet reached 2,021 retweets they would release the crazy new flavor in early 2021.  It surpassed that goal in a matter of hours.

A lot of people find the choice of name ironic, but from a marketing standpoint… if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!