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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have teamed up with the Ultimate Rap League to bring more attention to the importance of voting. The Biden-Harris campaign unveiled a Get Out the Vote Battle Rap featuring rappers DNA and Charlie Clips.

Charlie Clips is a battle rapper known for being on Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out. DNA is a freestyle battle rapper from Queens. He is known for winning the first-ever battle rap contest at the 2019 BET Hip-Hop Awards.

While talking to XXL about the GOTV campaign for Biden, DNA says, “For me, I felt like it would be not only a positive thing, but also an impactful thing to use my talent and my words for a great cause, which is having everybody vote.” He adds,  “Especially in these times with the president that we have right now…and everything that’s happening in 2020.”

Kamau Marshall, Director of Strategic Communications for Biden for President, talked about how the campaign aims to engage communities and be more diverse.

He states, “Our collaboration with the Ultimate Rap League is an example of how our campaign is taking innovative approaches to engage the diverse communities across the United States. These artists are influencers within their respective communities, and we’re thrilled to showcase their artistry while delivering a key message to voters about how a Biden-Harris administration would advance Black America.”

Watch the Ultimate Rap League GOTV battle rap video below.

Ultimate Rap League GOTV Battle Rap - Charlie Clips & DNA | Joe Biden For President 2020

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