Black History Month


This February, HOT Augusta is proud to celebrate the achievements and honor the struggles of African Americans.

All month, we’ll be bringing you a series of articles, photo galleries, videos and more designed to spotlight the many ways African Americans have and continue to play an important role in shaping art, science, politics, and progress of our nation and the world.

President Barak Obama’s Presidential Proclamation 8930 of January 31, 2013, so beautifully set forth the importance of remembering those have come before so that we may continue on a path forward:

National African American History Month is a time to tell those stories of freedom won and honor the individuals who wrote them. We look back to the men and women who helped raise the pillars of democracy, even when the halls they built were not theirs to occupy. We trace generations of African Americans, free and slave, who risked everything to realize their God-given rights. We listen to the echoes of speeches and struggle that made our Nation stronger, and we hear again the thousands who sat in, stood up, and called out for equal treatment under the law. And we see yesterday’s visionaries in tomorrow’s leaders, reminding us that while we have yet to reach the mountaintop, we cannot stop climbing.