June is here.  It’s the sixth month of the year.  And it’s hard to believe we’ve almost made it halfway through the year already.  Time is flying by.  So, I just have to ask… how are those New Year’s resolutions? Apparently, today is “New Year’s Resolution Recommitment Day.”

If you’re like me, either you didn’t make any resolutions, or if you did, you’ve completely forgotten about them!  I typically don’t make resolutions necessarily.  Instead, I  usually focus on new, better habits to work on.  For example: meditate daily, journal, read, move my body each day, etc.

Pretty sure I went into 2023 with a plan to incorporate those better habits.  But if I’m honest, I have not succeeded!  I haven’t been journaling, meditating, or reading daily.  I am pretty good about moving my body each day, although I have slacked off on going to the gym.  But now that it’s New Year’s Resolution Recommitment Day, I can start fresh!

That’s the thing about New Year’s resolutions for me.  We get so amped up and think somehow the changing of the calendar year is going to bring about some magical difference.  But really, we don’t need a new year to make changes.  We don’t even need a new month, week, or day!

Now, I will say, I am guilty of the whole “I’ll start Monday” excuse.  I think we probably all are at some point. But if we are ready to change, we can start RIGHT NOW!

So even if you gave up on your New Year’s resolutions… you can still make changes in your life this year.  First, take a look at what you have accomplished!  And go ahead and pat yourself on the back.  Celebrate the little wins.

Next, make a plan!  Choose small, daily actions you can incorporate.  Maybe it’s getting 10,000 steps a day, drinking more water, going to bed a little earlier or getting up earlier.  The little things will add up over time.  And think of yourself getting a little bit better each day!  There’s someone on TikTok who talked about getting 1% better each day.  After a month, that’s 30% better!

Lastly… don’t be so hard on yourself!  We all have a lot going on.  Every day isn’t going to be perfect.  Give yourself some grace!  And when you do encounter setbacks, don’t let them completely derail you.  Remember, you can start fresh right now, in this moment.  Don’t wait til tomorrow, or til Monday!  Go after your goals TODAY!

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