A company in South Korea has made it possible for you to know hoe your dog is feeling… through their bark!

PetPlus, a company in South Korea, has been working for over 3 years to develop A.I technology that can decipher your dog’s barks and determine their emotion.  The collar can detect if the bark is happy, anxious, sad, relaxed, or angry.

PetPlus used over 10,000 bark samples from over 50 breeds and developed artificial intelligence to analyze the bark’s and translate it into an emotion sent to an app on your phone.  The app is free, however, the collar is $99 for an average dog and $108 for a larger breed.

via c2.iggcdn.com

No true word on how well the collars will actually work or how we’d even know the difference anyway LOL!

They’re available for purchase at PetPlus.net!