What do cell phones and toilet seats have in common? We use them both daily, and they both contain high amounts of germs, but it is in fact your phone that is the dirtiest!According to the University of Arizona– College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, your cell phone is TEN times dirtier than a toilet seat.  A main reason for this, is simple cleaning.  Toilet seats and bathrooms get cleaned frequently because we all know the germs and bacteria associated with using them.  However, cell phones are often overlooked even though they are used all day, everyday.

                   SEBASTIAN KAULITZKI/Getty Images via thoughtco.com

Not only do cell phones acquire germs from simple daily use, but think about how many people physically use their phones while in the bathroom.  Now while the bacteria on our phones is certainly a problem in and of itself, the real concern comes when there is a sharing of phones.  This allows another set of germs to translate to the other user, and vice versa.

A recent survey revealed only 26% of people clean their cell phones daily, over 40% clean it weekly to monthly, and as much as 8% never clean it.

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So if you’re looking for a sign to clean your cell phone, this is it….