By now, you’ve most likely taken the necessary precautions and gathered supplies in preparation for when Hurricane Florence makes landfall.

At this time, it appears as though the storm will be in close proximity to the coast on Thursday night.

While the storm’s exact path is still uncertain, the likelihood that a mass amount of households will lose power as a result of the damaging storm is probable.

Quite plausibly, it could take days and even weeks to restore power to hard-hit areas, in addition to neighboring towns.

Before the storm approaches, it’s best to make sure your mobile devices are fully charged.

But, if you lose power and don’t have a portable charger, there’s another, less-known method that will enable you to charge your phone.

To put together a makeshift charger, all you need is a nine volt battery, a pen (that contains a metal spring) and a car phone charger.

Here’s a helpful video to walk you through the process:

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