With the hype from WDCC 2018 sharing that iOS 12 was going to support older phones. 

According to CNET, there have been some Beta Tests that will help Memoji, adding Group FaceTime calls, and more. But how far back can we go?

iPhone 5S can actually harbor iOS 12 and was tested against iOS 11.4 on another device, both 16GB models.


Doing speed tests, CNET shared their results, and they found the following information:

Task How much faster was iOS 12?
Launching Mail 0.25 second
Launching Safari (completely loading CNET.com) 3.5 seconds
Launching Maps Identical
Slide to take a photo from lock screen 0.5 second
Keyboard comes up (in Messages) 1 second
Share sheet comes up (in Safari) 1 second
Siri completing a request 0.5 second


They did, however, note that the share sheet did catch up after running it multiple times.¬†This, of course, was through the Beta version only, so CNET has promised an official test once it’s officially rolled out.

Considering that Apple typically is always looking to have new people buy their devices, it’s interesting that they are pulling up a program to assist people with older devices. Most likely they are trying to establish further brand loyalty.

We’ll let you know what happens once we get the official iOS 12.