The job market has started to improve.  And with the huge numbers of people leaving their jobs last year, maybe you’re back on the market looking for a job!

Finding a job anywhere isn’t an east task, but did a little digging for us!  They looked into how 2022 will be for those out there searching for a new career or looking to switch.

The online publication’s Best Cities to Find a Job in the state of Georgia looked at a variety of metrics to determine where your best chances are.  They looked at job opportunities, unemployment rate, access to employee benefits and much more.

For Georgia, Atlanta did pretty well, coming in at number 27 on the list. Unfortunately, Augusta didn’t do nearly as well.  Our city came in our number 165 out of 182.

The Top 8 Places To Find A Job

  • #8 - Scottsdale, Arizona

    Photo of Scottsdale, Arizona

    Looking to live in a less humid area? Scottsdale, Arizona is a good place to find your next job!

  • # 7 - Seattle, Washington

    We hear it rains a lot there.  But it could be raining $$$ when you land a new job there.Photo of Seattle, Washington Skyline

  • #6 - Orlando, Florida

    Photo of Orlando, Florida Skyline

    Not just a place to vacation… it’s a good place to find a job too.  Plus, you’re pretty close to beaches and tons of attractions.

  • #5 - Austin, Texas

    Photo of Austin, Texas

    This Texas city has seen a massive technology boom… which means you could have a booming career there!

  • #4 - Portland, Maine

    Photo of Portland, Maine

    Maine is an East Coast tech hub, which offers a lot of job possibilities.  And there’s also commercial fishing too.

  • #3 - San Francisco, California

    Photo of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

    No matter what industry, chances are there’s an opportunity for you.  Banking and technology are just two of the main jobs here.

  • #2 - Salt Lake City, Utah

    Photo of Salt Lake City, Utah

    There’s a lot to love about Salt Lake City, especially if you’re in the job market!

  • #1 - Columbia, Maryland

    Photo of street in Columbia, Maryland

    Coming in the top spot, Columbia, MD is a great spot for new job opportunities.  Just south of Baltimore, and really close to Washington, D.C., you’ll find many jobs waiting there for you.

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