The City of Augusta has a lot to offer, and day by day it continues to grow, bringing in tons of new businesses. Over the past few years, we’ve gotten Dave and Busters, new restaurants, and much more.

What is Augusta Missing?

But, is there ever a time that you think about what you wish were here? Well, you are not alone we’ve put together a list that Augusta Redditors have decided on what they feel like Augusta is missing.

A common one will always be Trader Joe’s. People in the community are so persistent in wanting Trader Joe’s in the area. So much so that there is a Bring Trader Joe’s to Augusta Facebook page. But the excessive want for it doesn’t stop there, there is even an ongoing petition going around about bringing Trader Joe’s to the CSRA.

The petition is a plea to request a Trader Joe’s in a particular city.

Trader Joe’s is a grocery store that has unique products to their stores. The prices are said to be reasonable for high-quality items.

The closest Trader Joe’s to Augusta is Columbia, SC, which is a little over an hour away. The next closest would be in Athens GA.

Will Trader Joe’s be the next new business coming to this growing city? Guess we will have to wait and see!

It might not be a Trader Joe’s but a new grocery store will be coming into the area in June of 2024. It is called FreshTake and is said to be a brand-new grocery store concept. The grocery store will be taking over the former location of Whole Foods on Washington Road.

Trader Joe’s isn’t the only thing that the Augusta Reddit community is hoping to see come to the community.

Check out this list below of just five things that these Augustans miss and would love to see come to the area.



  • A Bagel Spot

    Bagels on a plate - Trader Joe's Augusta

    Redditors in the Augusta community would like to see a spot dedicated solely to bagels and bagel sandwiches.

    Aiken does have a recently open spot called “Son of a Bagel” There is also a Eisenstein Bro’s located in Augusta University.

  • 24-hour Chinese food or Pizza

    Pizza layed out and being made.

    Before the pandemic, the only late night or 24 hour locations were fast food places. After the pandemic, many of those places didn’t go back to 24 hour. So that left the Augusta are to little to non 24 hour food spots.

    But the community is saying they want a 24-hour chinese food or pizza spot!

  • Go-Kart track

    Go Karts

    If you are a native of Augusta, you may remember Adventure Crossing, which had a go-kart track. Once they closed down – another go-kart track business never swooped in to save the day!

  • Riverfront Properties

    Augusta Riverwalk

    Lower part of Riverwalk

    One of the many attractions of Downtown Augusta is the Riverwalk. While it is a nice setting – there is not much to there other than picnic tables. The Reddit community would love to see shops and restaurants placed on the river.

  • Waterpark

    Close-up of a lifeguard's hand holding a whistle and watching over a swimming pool - Lifeguard at work concept
    Many pools and splash pads are in the CSRA but no dedicated waterpark. Many people have stated there was a waterpark in Augusta years ago, Krystal Waters, and would love to see something similar make its way back.

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