It’s National Georgia Day! What better way to celebrate than to find out some unusual places to go in Georgia?

National Georgia Day celebrates the history, culture, and heritage of the state of Georgia, celebrated on August 3rd every year.

We know about the Coca-Cola Factory, the peaches, and the southern hospitality – but what about these things. Check out 5 Unusual places to go in Georgia, right here.


  • Dolls head trail

    They say don’t judge a book by its cover but the title of this trail definitely sounds creepy. The Dolls Head Trail is located at a nature preserve, Constitution Lakes Park. What was once a brick factory, is now the home to this path created for and dedicated to found art.

    A local carpenter named Joel Slaton, thought of this art project while noticing discarded doll parts and other trash that was scattered around the site.

    He encouraged visitors to contribute their own found art, and it’s been collecting there ever since. The pieces are dominated by doll heads, but also include other found art.

  • School bus graveyard

    Have you ever thought about where a school bus goes when it has run its course? Probably not. But if you have, we’ve got the answer. They usually wind up where most old vehicles go – the junk yard.

    But in a small town, Alto, Georgia, retired buses begin new lives as quirky pieces of art. At The School Bus Graveyard, artists transform the buses’ signature yellow look, with a complete artistic makeover.

    The property is owned by Alonzo Wade, who runs an auto parts shop.

  • Monkey massacre memorial

    Sometime in the early 20th century a circus train crashed near Duluth, Georgia. Dozens of monkeys escaped into the woods. The local farmers had never seen such creatures before, and set out to shoot and kill every single one calling it the monkey massacre.

    An anonymous artist created a set of monkey statues to commemorate the dark moment in the area’s history.

  • Tinydoors ATL

    The #TinyDoorsATL project was started by an Atlanta artist, Karen Anderson.

    You might’ve noticed a door or two Scattered around Atlanta. There are more than 20 locations with miniature doors just about seven inches tall. The story behind each door is yours to imagine.

    The first tiny door can be found at the Krog Street Tunnel, a spot known for its vibrant and often-changing graffiti.

  • Barbie Beach

    Well with the huge of release of the Barbie Movie, discovering this unusual spot is right on time. This roadside attraction, of mostly nude Barbie’s at the Beach, is located in Turin, Georgia.

    These dolls having been around for more than a decade hanging out on six-by-four-foot stretch of sand. They’re arranged in an ever-changing display that matches various current events, like the Final Four playoffs, the Olympics, and even a royal wedding.

    Barbie Beach came about fromm Steve and Linda Quick.

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