The weather is warming up.  Kids are getting out of school.  Summertime is here in the Augusta area!  And while you can definitely enjoy ice cream year-round, there’s just something about summer that makes it sweeter! It’s a sweet treat that many people enjoy and there are so many options!  So when it comes to it, what are our favorite ice cream flavors?  We’ll take a look below!

First of all, ice cream is BIG business!  An article from Stacker states ice cream makers churned out 1.38 billion gallons of ice cream.  This generated nearly 29,000 jobs and $1.8 billion in wagers. We’ve loved ice cream fo many years, keeping the manufacturers in business for more than 50 years, and counting.

There’s so much to love about ice cream!  The delicious sweet treat can satisfy a sweet tooth.  It’s great for cooling down on a hot day.  And let’s not forget about its magical ability to mend a broken heart or help make a bad day better! You can top it with an endless assortment of toppings.  Although, the first decision is… what flavor to choose!

But with so many great flavor options to choose from, what are our favorite ice cream flavors?  A survey from YouGov asked adults about their favorite flavors… and vanilla and chocolate ranked high of course, but there are some other flavors that might surprise you in the top 10!

  • 10. Neapolitan

    Neapolitan Ice Cream

    iStock/Getty Images

  • 9. Caramel

    Salted caramel ice creams on blue plate

    iStock/Getty Images

  • 8. Mint Chocolate Chip

    Organic Green Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

    iStock/Getty Images

  • 7. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

    Cookie dough ice cream in a metal scoop

    iStock/Getty Images

  • 6. Butter Pecan

    Delicious butter pecan ice cream served in a red bowl. Vintage wooden table background.

    iStock/Getty Images

  • 5. Chocolate Chip

    Bowl of chocolate chip ice cream. Extreme shallow depth of field.

    iStock/Getty Images

  • 4. Strawberry

    Strawberry cream ice cream in white bowl

    iStock/Getty Images

  • 3. Cookies and Cream

    real gourmet cookies and cream ice cream, not made with mashed potatoes or shortening and meets all the regulations regarding using real dairy products to advertise dairy.

    iStock/Getty Images

  • 2. Chocolate

    Chocolate ice cream scoop

    iStock/Getty Images

  • 1. Vanilla

    Spoon and cup ice cream

    iStock/Getty Images

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