Clutter… it can consume our lives if we’re not careful! Have you ever been on a mission to de-clutter and wonder where all this stuff came from?  You’re definitely not alone. Somehow, things tend to accumulate without even realizing it.  And according to a new survey by Olio, there are 10 things that clutter our houses.


With a new year now underway, maybe you’re thinking of doing some decluttering. Maybe this list can help you tackle some of the things that clutter your house! My best advice for de-cluttering is not to get overwhelmed. Start with one room and one particular area.  Like the bathroom. Simply clean out one drawer or cabinet.

If it helps, make a game of it.  Or get your family involved! I’ve been known to set a time goal.  For example, if I finish this by 11 a.m. I can (insert fun activity here)! I’ve also seen where people decide on a number of things to get rid of each day or week.  Recently I saw something about getting rid of 23 things a week since it’s 2023.  That’s a pretty cool idea.

Emotional Attachment

Of course, we’ve all heard plenty of de-cluttering advice. But if you’re like me… you might have an emotional attachment to certain things. I know it’s hard for me to get rid of something that a loved one gave me, especially if they’ve passed away.  And of course, there’s always the “I might need this one day…” I’m guilty there too! But, most of those things have been sitting in a closet or drawer for over 5 years now. So chances are there won’t ever be a “one day” in that situation.

So, what are those things that clutter our houses? Here are the results of that Olio survey!

  • Books

    Definitely guilty of this one! But, for those books you aren’t planning to read again, how about donating to your local library? You can also take them to 2nd & Charles too!


  • Old Clothes

    Clothes with holes and stains… get rid of them!  And if you’re holding on to clothes that no longer fit, ask yourself if you’re really going to fit in them again? There are many places that you can donate your clothes to!


  • Old Cables and Cords

    Guilty on this one too!  Sometimes it’s a matter of… “I’m not sure what this goes to, so I should probably hold on to it.” And next thing you know, it’s a tangled mess of cords that have absolutely no use!

    Cords and Cables

  • Food Containers

    Missing lids… stained… bent… whatever it is, it’s probably time to finally toss out those old food containers!

    Food containers

  • General Trinkets and Knickknacks

    Unless you’re collecting a certain line of items… those trinkets and knickknacks just tend to take up space, and require a lot of moving them around when cleaning.  If there’s no real reason… maybe it’s time to toss!

    Trinkets knickknacks


  • Old Gadgets

    Sure, you were going to use that cool gadget when you purchased it. But somehow it got shoved to the back of a drawer or closet. No need in holding on to it!

    Old gadgets


  • Electronic Goods

    Old phones, computers, etc.  They take up space… and serve absolutely no purpose.  Find a way to chunk them!Electronic Goods

  • DIY Stuff and Tools

    You got really excited about a new project you saw on Pinterest. Then you bought all the supplies.  But once you started (if you got to that point), it wasn’t nearly as exciting as you hoped.  See if there’s an art class that could benefit from those supplies and say goodbye!

    DIY Tools

  • Kitchen Appliances

    Whether it’s broken, missing a piece, or never gets used… now’s a good time to just get rid of it!

    Kitchen Appliances

  • Old Toys

    Maybe the kids are older now and don’t play with them… or the toys are broken – toss ’em!

    Old Toys

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