The Place To Get The Best Burger In McDuffie County Is Closing

When it comes to the best burger in McDuffie County, here’s a major update about the Deep South Cheese and Grill:

Previous update:

This is always the worst kind of news to ever talk about.  The place to get the best burger in McDuffie County is closing.  On Sunday, Deep South Cheese and Grill in Dearing announced on their Facebook page that they are closing.

The restaurant is located on Augusta Highway in Dearing. It’s in what was at one point, an old gas station. The owners, Gino and Tammy Doucet, brought a few unique things to the menu.  Gino, who’s originally from Canada and served in the military for 25 years.  He met Tammy when she was in the Nave and they decided to make this their home.

One of the items he brought to the menu was cheese curds.  Couldn’t find them here so he made his own and made them fresh daily.  Let’s now talk about the Gravy.  Gravy on fries, It’s one of those If You Know You Know Things, and Gino knew.  So good.  They took it a step further and had Poutine.  What is Poutine, it’s a dish of French fries topped with cheese curds and gravy.  That is what they called the classic

They also offered different takes on the Poutine as well.  The Dearing Favorite, Sausage and Cheese, The Cattlemen’s, The Chicken, and The Kitchen Sink.  My first time in the Deep South, I had the original.  This wasn’t a stretch for me, I grew up eating gravy on my fries from a restaurant back home and I love cheese curds, so this was a winner all the way around.

Let’s Talk About The Burgers

On my first time their, Not only did I have the original  Poutine, I had what was the best burger I’ve ever had in my life.  The Tammy Burger, named after Tammy Doucet.  What is the Tammy Burger?  Other than heaven, It was ground steak patty with Pimento Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato. Onion and hot sauce.  I left off the tomato and onion..  I’m kinda picky.  Had it with a side of the homemade onion rings and you were in burger heaven.

All of the burgers were made with steak patties making them a leg up from the start.  They offered so many types from the basic burger to the Deep South Burger and so many more.

I personally will miss The Deep South Cheese and Grill and hope that they return into the food or restaurant industry in some way.   Thank you Gino and Tammy for sharing your love of food with us right here in Kicks Country.



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    Deep South Cheese and Grill - Dearing, GA

    A Dearing man is bringing his love of fresh cheese curds to the Deep South. Location: 4591 Augusta Hwy, Dearing, GA 30808 GPS Coordinates: 33°24'46.1″N 82°23'07.2″W Website:

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