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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - MAY 15: Sean "Diddy" Combs attends the 2022 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 15, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Celebrities are always trying to get their hands in as many business ventures as possible and the alcohol industry has never been an avenue that has not been taken. From beer to wine, and liquor, celebrities have always made a way to connect with fans in any way possible. Even if it’s not their own personal business, celebrities will use their fame to sponsor a brand to make it popular. National Tequila Day is celebrated on July 24th, but fortunately for us, there’s a time to celebrate with tequila every day. The origins of celebrating National Tequila Day on July 24th are murky, but the history of tequila is definitely not.

The History of Tequila

According to National Today, Tequila derives from Mexico and dates back to 100 BC. It is when Indigenous people drank alcohol made of blue agave, which they call “pulque.” 51% of tequila manufactured today is made with blue agave, which is a plant only grown in Jalisco, Mexico.  When Spain invaded Mexico, they cooked with agave in distilling pots and called it “mezcal wine.” Mezcal is made from any type of agave plant. Mezcal is also sold on its own and has a larger alcohol concentration percentage than tequila.

Don Jose Antonio de Cuervo made the first Vino Mezcal de Tequila de Jose Cuervo in 1795 (also known as Jose Cuervo for short) in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico. Cuervo’s product bloomed in popularity which ultimately birthed the modern tequila industry.

Modern Day Tequila

Since 2003, Tequila/Mezcal volumes have grown 273%, an average rate of 7.2% per year. Your favorite celebrities are aware of the growth as well. Celebrities want in on the tequila industry on and off the court, studio, television, or film screen. So when you’re not enjoying your favorite celebrities’ film or updating your playlist to include their newest singles, you can also enjoy their tequila. Or, you can multitask!

Take a look at five tequila brands owned by Black celebrities below:

  • Kevin Hart - Gran Coramino

    Kevin Hart launched Gran Coramino, in the spring of 2022. The price range for Gran Coramino ranges from $48.99 to $109.99. You can shop Gran Coramino here. Please drink responsibly.

  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson - Teremana

    Actor and WWE legend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson debuted Tememana in March 2020. The price range for Teremana ranges from $18.99 to $44.99. You can shop Teremana here. Please drink responsibly.

  • LeBron James - Lobos 1707

    NBA star LeBron James founded Lobos 1707 in 2018. “Lobos” in Spanish translates to “wolves.” The price range for Lobos 1707 is from $41.99 to $179.99. You can shop Lobos 1701 here. Please drink responsibly.

  • Michael Jordan - Cincoro

    Cincoro is backed by NBA owner and legend Michael Jordan as well as fellow NBA owners Jeanie Buss, Wes Edens, Wyc Grousebeck, and Emilia Fazzalari. The name combines Spanish words “cinco” and “oro. “Cinco” is for the five owners, and “oro” which means gold, stands for the “gold standard” when it comes to tequila production. A bottle of Cincoro ranges from $84.99 to $1,599.99. You can shop for Cincoro here. Please drink responsibly.

  • Diddy - DeLeón

    Diddy bought DeLeón in 2014 after the company debuted in 2008. Diddy has been in the liquor industry for quite some time as he also is the owner of the popular vodka brand Ciroc. Prices for DeLeon range from $37.99 to $48.99. You can shop DeLeon here. Please drink responsibly.

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