When it comes to the United States, we have a wide variety of beautiful places.  There’s everything from mountains, beaches, endless fields, deserts, and more.  Every city and town has its own charm.  But as they say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  So, when it comes to the most beautiful towns in America… it really depends on who you ask!

The folks at The Travel put together their list of 12 of the most beautiful towns in America.  This list seems to highlight mostly smaller towns, and some of them you might have never even heard of!

Again, every town has its own unique features and charm.  Whether it’s cultural, natural beauty, historical, or something completely out there, so many towns make great tourist spots!  For The Travel’s list, we were surprised to see both a South Carolina and Georgia town on the list!

And if you’re looking for more towns with charm, be sure to check these out!