After a day of cutting grass, playing golf, out on the lake, or at the pool, a cold beer hits the spot. But the top 5 best beers seem to hit the spot just a bit more.  Taste Of Home recently did a study.  They wanted to find the best when it comes to beer.

For this test, they focused on domestic, light lagers.  I guess you could say the kinds of beers you find in a cooler on game day, at the lake, or at a picnic. One requirement was that the beer had to be widely available and affordable. Cheap beer was another factor.  Typically the beers they put in the study run a dollar or less per 12-ounce can or bottle.

Some Of The Beers That Didn’t Make The Cut

  • Natural Light
  • Busch Light
  • Yuengling
  • Budweiser
  • Miller Genuine Draft
  • Michelob Ultra
  • Miller High Life
  • Miller Lite

If these great beers didn’t make the list, then we have some really great beers to look forward to when it comes to the top 5 best beers.

Here are some things about beer I bet you didn’t know.  Beer is the oldest type of alcoholic drink in the world and is the most widely consumed.  It is the third most popular drink after water and tea.  In South Korea, Germany, Spain, and Portugal you can get a beer at McDonald’s.  China consumes the most beer of any country.

So, let’s get to the top 5 big ones:

  • #5-Coors Light

    Brewed By  MillerCoors

    This is just a good ol go to beer.  It is very light and goes down easy.  Kinda feels like a real good summer beer.  Not to heavy.

  • #4-Hamm's

    Brewed By MillerCoors. 

    I will admit, I had never heard of this one.  So I did some homework.  Originated in the great state of Minnesota and a 12 pack runs about $6.  So, might have to give this one a try

  • #3-Schlitz

     Brewed By The Pabst Brewing Company

    Another Old School Beer Coming in at #3.  With a bolder and more flavorful taste without being heavy, Schlitz will give ya some  citrusy notes and hints of green hops

  • #2-Coors Banquet-Original Coors

    Brewed by MillerCoors.  Coors started brewing this beer back in 1873 in Golden, Colorado. Where it’s still brewed today.  This beer was wanted back in the day, The Bandit & The Snowman ran it across the country!

  • #1-Pabst Blue Ribbon

    Brewed by The Pabst Brewing Company

    Back in 1893, Pabst was awarded the title of America’s finest beer. Today,  $9 for a 12-pack this is a winner.

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