Meal prepping has become a very popular trend and I don’t think it will be going anywhere any time soon. Most times when you think of meal prepping you think of someone who workouts, that is preparing a certain meal that will be the appropriate diet to accommodate their workout. But meal prepping has become much more. Meal prepping is now for making your dinner or lunch for the week.

I’ve actually got into meal prepping my lunches for work and one day it got me thinking – I wonder if there are any businesses in the CSRA that meal prep for you at a reasonable cost( other than private chefs).

Meal prepped lunches with pasta, vegetables, and fruit.

Meal prepped lunches for the week

Lunch with pasta, vegetables, fruit, and a canned drink.

Meal of the Day

I enjoy meal prepping but some weeks I may not feel like cooking and would rather pick up my five meals from an establishment.

Well after some research there certainly are businesses in the CSRA that provide meal prep for the week. Well, with June 9 being National Prep Day here are some locations that offer meal prep services in Augusta.

  • Clean Eatz

    Clean Eatz prepares properly portioned sized meals with a balance of protein, carbs, and fats. The meals offered change each week. A list of meals are posted each week. You can then decide which meal you would like prepped for the week. For more, click here.

  • OPP Kitchen

    Other People Prepping (OPP) Kitchen is a 24 hour kitchen that allows business owners a way to make and sell there food products. There are about 12 businesses that prepare there food at OPP. Some of them in which they provide weekly meal prepped meals. 

    The kitchen also has a fridge that is open to the public with various meals already packed from some of the businesses. If you are some one who likes to switch it up during the week, you could purchase five different meals from the refrigerator. For more, click here.

  • Zipchef

    On Sundays, Zipchef distributes The Pre-Order Menu via a mailing list. On Monday, they post the menu on Facebook.

    You can order any size meal from the items on the Pre-Order Menu until Tuesday at 9pm. For more, click here.

  • BaseOps kitchen

    This is another shared kitchen in Augusta Ga! They allow for business owners to use the sharable kitchen space, as well as, prep space for things that don’t require cooking. They also allow for the businesses to sell prepared meals to the public. For more, click here.

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