When it comes to restaurants in the Augusta area, I’m sure you have your favorites.  I have been in the CSRA since 2017, and I have found a few great restaurants.  And if I’m being honest, I become a creature of habit. When I find something I like, I tend to stick with it.  I hate if I try somewhere new, only to be very disappointed. But in 2024, I do want to venture out a bit more.  I stumbled upon this question on Reddit about the most underrated restaurants in Augusta.  And I figured maybe this is the place for me to start building my list of restaurants to try.

My Favorites In The Augusta Area

Let me start by saying, I live in North Augusta.  And if you’ve ever been around me for any amount of time, you probably already know that I love queso. So, my favorite restaurant is going to Monterrey in North Augusta.  I get consistent service and food every time.  Their queso (without jalapenos) is my favorite of anywhere around.

When it comes to my favorite burger, it’s also not in the main part of Augusta.  But it’s worth the drive because it’s the best burger!  And that’s at Edgefield Pool Room in downtown Edgefield, South Carolina.  My favorite is their bacon cheeseburger.  It’s been a while since I’ve been there, but suddenly I’m craving a burger!

And when it comes to wings in the Augusta area, I’d probably pick Top Dawg Tavern or World Of Beer.  We’ve had a hard time finding a wing spot that we really love.  So that’s something we’re always on the hunt for.  Although we have had good wings at Whiskey Bar Kitchen… We just don’t think about going there much.  And it actually was one spot mentioned on the Reddit thread about the most underrated restaurants in Augusta.

Now, it’s just a question of which I should try first!

Top 5 Most Underrated Restaurants In Augusta

  • The Brunch House Of Augusta

    Address: 573 Greene Street, Augusta

    I will say, that I have been to The Brunch House before!  My parents were in town around breakfast and we were looking for a place to eat and just happened to find this place.  It was delicious!  Yet again, it’s another spot I just don’t think about.

  • Hawaiian Style BBQ

    Address: 2801 Washington Road, Augusta

    I have been to Hawaiian Style BBQ, but didn’t eat while I was there.  But I’ve had multiple friends talk about how good the food is.

  • Curry Hut

    Address: 2810 Washington Road, Augusta

    This spot got a lot of love on the Reddit thread I was reading.  Being a pretty picky eater, this one might be a challenge for me.  In all honesty, I don’t know that I’ve ever had Indian food.  But according to Reddit, Curry Hut is the spot for it.

  • Happy House Korean Restaurant

    Address: 3008 Deans Bridge Road, Augusta

    I’ve actually never heard of Happy House.  But again, being a picky eater, I don’t seek out new or different restaurants.  But this one did get some love on Reddit!

  • Manny's Sports Off Broad

    Address: 215 10th Street, Augusta

    When talking about places to eat downtown, I have heard of Manny’s quite a bit.  And yet, I’ve never taken the time to go there.  I do see on their Facebook that they have some delicious looking burgers. And it looks like a pretty cool atmosphere too. So yes, I’m definitely adding this to my list of places to try!


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