If you are like most people, you wait till the last minute to do everything when it comes to Christmas.  That means the wrapping of the gifts is also last minute.  So as many gift wrapping hacks as possible will make it easier.

I’m a gift bag guy personally.  I stuff the gift in, add some of the decorative tissue in, and boom, my gifts are wrapped.  I also love to get gifts in gift bags.  Wanna know why?  Yes, you can use them again.  I’m one of those people.

I know people who love to spend hours wrapping gifts. My thought is “Why?  It’s just going to be ripped open and then trashed.” I guess it’s for the photos of all the gifts under the tree.  If you love wrapping gifts, you have the patience of Job!

Fun Facts About Gift Wrapping

  • Americans spend over $8 billion annually on wrapping paper, that equals about 4.6 million pound.
  • The average person spends $56 on just Christmas wrapping supplies.
  • If you saved wrapping paper from gifts you received and wrapped 3 gifts a year with it for others, that would cover 45,000 football fields.
  • The first record of gift wrap dates back to 100 BC in China.

So as you are wrapping your gifts this Christmas season, have the best time ever, and here are some gift wrapping hacks that will make you look as if you spent hours wrapping the gifts.  Some of these ideas and hacks could be used for birthdays and other gift-giving holidays.

If you see me in the stores and I have a ton of gift bags, you’ll know why.

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