The water is fairly calm in the Port Royal Sound in St. Helena. And it's a great spot to relax, breathe in that salty ocean air, and listen to the waves.

St. Helena Island has become one of our favorite spots for a day trip, especially now that the weather is getting warmer. Our friends Michael and Lisa introduced us to this beautiful spot last year, and we’ve made quite a few trips since then. Sometimes we go for an overnight trip, and other times we just drive down for the day.

This past Saturday was one of the first days that my fiancé, David, and I had a free day. It was also one of the first warmer days without a threat of rain. We’d been wanting to take a little trip on the motorcycle, so last week, I told David we should plan to head to Beaufort/St. Helena Island for a day trip. And that’s exactly what we did.

Road Trip To St. Helena Island

Due to a lack of sleep last week, we both wound up sleeping in a little later than planned on Saturday. That meant our road trip got a slightly later start than we normally would. But we still managed to hit the road about 9 a.m. I fully planned on taking advantage of the sunshine and threw on a tank top and shorts. The ride on the motorcycle started off slightly chilly, but it wasn’t long before it warmed up.

We made it to Michael and Lisa’s place on St. Helena Island around 11:30 a.m. or so. We had stopped to grab some food, so we ate and caught up with them. They’d been doing some yardwork at their place. It wasn’t long before I was changing into my swimsuit and we were making our way to the beach access.

The beach that we frequent when we are there is actually part of the Port Royal Sound. While there are waves, it’s not exactly like the beach on the coast. But it works perfectly for me.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous.

I wasn’t quite sure what the water would feel like. I didn’t know if it would be warm enough to get in, but regardless, I was at least going to get my feet wet and get some sun. And I was pleasantly surprised when the water felt pretty good. I’m not one who can deal with super cold water. But on Saturday, the temperature outside was in the mid-80s or so, and the water felt great.

I spent some time walking in the water, and even knelt down for a while to enjoy the salt water and cool off. For the rest of the time we just sat on the beach enjoying the sights and sounds.

The plan was to head home around 4 or 5 p.m. Lisa had initially told me they would be down there and we could spend the night. But we wanted to ride the motorcycle and hadn’t made plans for the dogs. After hanging out for a while, we decided we’d stay, and Lisa’s son Colton would go check on the dogs for us.  Then we just would get up early on Sunday to head home.

More Trips Coming Soon

While we were in St. Helena Island this weekend, we have already decided we’ve got to make plans for another trip. The next couple of weekends will be busy for us, but we’re looking at maybe a weekend or two in May, June, and July.

There’s just something about being at the beach that is so good for the soul. It reminds me of the quote that is apparently by someone named Isak Dinesen. The quote says: “The cure for anything is salt water – tears, sweat, or the sea.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Even though St. Helena Island is our go-to spot now, we do plan to make some other day trips on the motorcycle to check out some places we’ve never been.  One of those places is going to be Lake Jocassee in northwest South Carolina. I’ve seen video of the beautiful resevoir on TikTok, and decided it looked like somewhere we would have to go.

If you’ve got suggestions for other places for us to check out, email me or hit me up on Instagram!

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