Tee Gentry

Augusta Area Cracker Barrels Making Some Changes

Changes are coming to one of the Augusta area's favorite restaurants. Cracker Barrel will make some changes to the menu and remodel its stores in the Augusta area and across the country. Cracker Barrel President and Chief Executive Officer Julie Masino said, “We understand the lower-end consumer is challenged, and value is and will remain an important part of the brand. We will work vigorously to protect it.” Some of the restaurants may be smaller and more comfortable, too. Masino also said store remodels are coming soon with different colors, more comfortable seating, and simplified decor and features. They are also working on another store prototype that's 15% smaller with the same number of seats. Some remodeled stores will debut in the fall of 2025. It will be interesting to see if the lobby and store area and the old pictures throughout the restaurants will change. I'm sure they'll keep the country feel to their locations, but we will see. Cracker Barrel Changes Cracker Barrel made some waves a while back from some of their customers when that started selling alcohol at their restaurants and I never understood how a beer goes with chicken and dumplings. Sounds kinda weird to me. But they have continued to change things up over the years. Did you know that the first Cracker Barrel sold gas? It was a restaurant and a gas station. By the mid-70s, they had stopped selling gas and started their now-famous store, which was full of unique items. So, I guess they have had many changes over the years. And, of course, they sell the famous Cracker Barrel rocking chairs, too. With over 40% of their customers being travelers along interstates, there will never be a shortage of hungry customers. And, Let's face it, no one will complain when they upgrade their dining room chairs. They could use a good cushion!

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