Rare Masters Memorabilia Going Up For Auction

A rare piece of Masters memorabilia is going up for auction next week. And it could fetch in the six figures. So what is it? It's a badge to the first Masters signed by the first Masters champion, Horton Smith! This is an iconic piece of not only golf history, but sports history in general. The Story Of The Badge According to an article from The Augusta Chronicle, the badge is set to go up for auction through Christie's New York on December 6th. The article said the badge’s current owners are an unidentified Augusta couple “known as community and civic leaders,” whose family attended the Masters for more than 50 years. Christie's New York says that there are fewer than a dozen badges from the 1934 Masters still believed to be in existence. Now you see why I say. this is rare? The auction house estimated the badge’s initial value between $200,000 and $400,000. Of course it will probably sell for way more than that. In 1934 that badge cost $2.20, which would be roughly $45 today. Here's a fun fact for you. In 1934 the tournament wasn't even called The Masters. It was called "The Augusta National Invitation Tournament". The tournament wasn't referred to as The Masters until 1939. I'm anxious to see just how much money this badge fetches next week. The last 1934 Masters badge that was sold last year sold for $600,000. To read the full article from The Augusta Chronicle on the rare piece of Masters memorabilia going up for auction next week, just click here. For more articles, lists, videos, photo galleries and more from The Kicks Wake Up Krew, click here. Speaking of The Masters, did you know there are several things that aren't allowed on the course? Here's what they are. [select-listicle listicle_id="320204" syndication_name="things-that-are-not-allowed-at-the-masters" description="yes"]

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