Once Upon A Book Literacy Extravaganza Takes Place This Weekend

Throughout the year, literacy events and celebrations are held as a great way to get kids excited about books. This free community event, Once Upon A Book, will be happening on Saturday, April 20th. This is a literacy extravaganza where kids will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in enchanting stories with princesses and superheroes. Kids will even get a chance to decorate crowns with, Miss Augusta 2024, Elleana Garcia. Books will be given away at this event and community members will also have a chance to donate books at this event. While this event is free, you must register. Click this link to register. There will also be light refreshments and a chance for kids to participate in fun crafts! Once Upon A Book will take place from 12 pm -3 pm at the Boys and Girls Club located at 1903 Division St, Augusta, GA 30904. Kids are encouraged to dress up like their favorite book characters. Dressing up as your favorite book character is all about having fun with it. Literacy encompasses being able to read, write, listen, speak, and create texts that enable us to communicate well with others. There are Five Stages to Literacy Development Stage 1: Emergent Literacy Age Range: 4-6 years old. This is the earliest stage when the child is beginning to form literacy abilities. They may have the ability to recognize some letters and potently their sound. Stage 2: Alphabetic Fluency Age Range: 6-7 years old. As they get older they become more comfortable with learning their letters and words. This is where they usually use their finger to guide them along as they read. Stage 3: Words and Patterns Age Range: 7-9 years old. This is a transitional stage where the kid starts to develop stronger reading skills. Stage 4: Intermediate Reading Age Range: 9-11 years old. At this stage, they can do more independent reading and become able to write more sentences with fewer errors. Stage 5: Advanced Reading Age Range: 11-14 years old. This is the stage where kids become fluent in independent reading and have a strong understanding of the words they are reading.  

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