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Georgia Has The Best Place For Christmas

While Georgia has the best place for Christmas... it's not Augusta! Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but that may depend on where you celebrate! In a new study from WalletHub.com, they took a look at the best cities for Christmas, and one Georgia town came in at number one as the best place for Christmas! When it came to determining which cities were the best, the study considered all typical Christmas activities. They looked at shopping, dining out, holiday events, and how many of these options were available. Plus, they included traditions and the costs in each city. And the number one city for Christmas is... ATLANTA! Just about a 2 hour trip down I-20 from Augusta!  Atlanta offers so many things year round, but even more so at Christmas it seems.  The overall score was 65.95.  When it came to traditions and fun, they scored an 8. Other cities in the top 5 were: Orlando, FL Las Vegas, NV Pittsburgh, PA San Francisco, CA Shockingly, New York, NY came in at number 9! We definitely thought that one would come in a little higher on the list. When it comes to Christmas, it is America's favorite holiday.  But it's also an expensive one.  Between decorating, gift giving, food and travel... it's easy to blow a lot of cash during this festive season! In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, American's are going to spend around $859 BILLION dollars this year.  That's the highest about ever! Overspending during the holiday season is a very common thing, and many of us even lose sleep over the stress! Even though Georgia has the best place to spend Christmas, it doesn't mean that's the only place we can truly enjoy the season! For some great holiday events right here in the CSRA, click here!