Back at it with another week of gardening tips for National Gardening Month. In this last month of April, you might be asking yourself “When do I fertilize my grass and plants?” Half of that answer is now!

We’ve got the full answer down below.

Fertilizing Your Lawn Vs Fertilizing Your Garden

Just like you and I need our nutrients, lawns and gardens do too. Fertilizer, also known as plant food, allows your plants and grass to grow quicker and healthier. While fertilizers do share the same purpose for plants and grass, there is some difference when it comes to using them.

The best time to fertilize is right before or during the seeding process. Fertilizing too much could promote weed growth and burn grass and plants. Also, the exact timeline could be a little different when it comes to your lawn and your garden depending on the climate of your area.

Lawn: The fall is the best time to fertilize your lawn with an extra dose at the end of the fall. With your grass trying to recover from the long, hot summer, this will help boost its growth.

Garden: The best time to fertilize your garden is March and April – the beginning of spring. This is right before plants are growing back and new seeds are being planted.

How Often to Fertilize

While humans get in at least one meal a day to receive nutrients, plants don’t need their food as frequently. How often you fertilize your plants depends on the type of plant you have. Most annuals, fruits, and veggies are heavy feeders and can be fed once a month during the growing period.

Other plants like perennials, shrubs, and trees need to only be fed once during the spring since they do not need much fertilizer.

Now that you’ve got the fertilizer basics, don’t forget to check of these local nurseries to get the best type for your greenery.

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