This is the day that celebrates all the singleton children – the one and onlies – National Only Child Day! Being an only child is such a unique experience. Everyone that’s not an only child makes a big deal of it, which in return makes us make a big deal of it.

Being an only child comes with many stereotypes. For starters, there’s the “Only Child Syndrome.” Basically, pinning people without siblings for having this long list of negative behavioral traits. According to psychologist Stanley Hall, these negative traits include being selfish, self-absorbed, bossy, anti-social, and spoiled.

Research has not shown this to be completely factual, so for now this “Only Child Syndrome” is still a myth.

Only Child, but With a Sibling

I have a unique experience of being an only child. I do have a sibling, but I still categorize myself as an only child. Hear me out!

I have an older brother on my dad’s side and we have an 8-year age gap. We are very close and I love him dearly – we just never grew up in the same household let alone the same city! So, anything an only child would be experiencing, I would have as well – and possibly him, too.

Which Talent is an Only Child?

Out of all the personalities on Kicks99, WGAC, and HD98.3 – there is only one talent here that’s an only child! John Patrick, co-host of the morning news on Beasley Media’s News Talk station WGAC AM and host of “The Augusta Golf Show with John Patrick” is an only child.

I asked John Patrick a few questions about his journey of being an only child!

John Patrick - mornings on WGAC

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of being an only child?

Thoughts on the term “Only Child Syndrome”?
John Patrick says most of those traits he sees as positive. He takes pride in what they say about only children.

Do any of the negative traits often associated with only children relate to you? For example, selfish, self-absorbed, bossy, antisocial, lonely, and spoiled.
John Patrick says when it comes to those “negative” traits, it’s the opposite. He was brought along to parties and gatherings with his parents. He says he wasn’t spoiled. Now, John Patrick did say that he is very comfortable with being alone.

When you were younger did you ever wish to have siblings?
John Patrick says he doesn’t recall himself ever “wishing” he had siblings. He saw those around him with siblings and it was never good – it only got good as they got older because they started to appreciate them more.

If anything, if he did have to choose a sibling, he would’ve preferred a sister.
The only negative takeaway that John Patrick can recall from being an only child is that his child does not have any aunts or uncles.

Other than that, he doesn’t know what he really missed out on.
In many ways, I can relate to John Patrick’s journey of being an only child.

To all the “only childs” out there, Happy National Only Child Day. We all function in different ways – continue to be you!


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