PLEASANT HILL, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 28: The In-n-Out logo is displayed on the front of an In-n-Out restaurant on October 28, 2021 in Pleasant Hill, California. Contra Costa county health officials shut down an In-n-Out restaurant in Pleasant Hill on Tuesday after the popular burger chain ignored repeated warnings to check the vaccination cards of customers who wanted to dine indoors. San Francisco health officials shut down the Fisherman's Wharf location for several days earlier in the month for the same issue. That location is currently only offering to go orders. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

If you’ve ever traveled out West, perhaps you’ve had the chance to check out the popular burger chain, In-N-Out.  The restaurant has been serving burgers for decades out West, past Mississippi. But, according to Restaurant Business, In-N-Out is coming to the East!

The burger chain plans to open its first “territory office” in the next few months. But the first In-N-Out location won’t be opening until 2026, according to  The territory office will be in Franklin, Tennessee. This office will oversee the restaurant’s expansion into the East.

Now, the CEO Lynsi Snyder, the granddaughter of the founder, said the chain would not expand past Texas in her lifetime.  She likes the fact that it’s unique and a sought-after experience. A big reason for keeping the burger chain out West has been to keep the connection to its California roots.

But since that comment, it seems Snyder has changed her mind with this move to Tennessee.

The company has promised to only expand to states that could offer the same quality of burgers and fries that they’ve served in California since 1948. Due to that promise, the company needs distribution centers and other support to ensure the quality remains. When they expanded into Texas, they were only able to do so after having a facility dedicated to producing their beef patties.

So while the new territory office is expected in the coming months, In-N-Out coming to the East is still quite a ways in the future. Will the expansion have an affect on the business? Because then it won’t be such a novelty, unique attraction.  We do know that people who lived out West now living in Tennessee are counting down the days to having an In-N-Out closer and more accessible.