Record-high temperatures across the U.S. are dangerous for anyone, but especially those who have to work out in the heat.  A video doorbell recently caught a UPS driver collapsing from the heat.  He barely makes it onto the front porch before falling down.  Then, he regains his strength enough to get up and ring the doorbell, before stumbling off.

Unfortunately, UPS trucks do not have air conditioning.  That’s why they ride with the doors open, but even then, when temperatures are so high, it’s hard to cool off.

UPS reports that the driver is “fine” and their trucks make frequent stops, “making air conditioning ineffective.”

If you or someone you love works outdoors in any capacity, make sure to take precaution.  Hydrate frequently, wear breathable clothing, take breaks frequently, eat well – avoiding heavy meals, and again… HYDRATE!

Please stay safe in this harsh summer heat.