The bravery of these twins from Alabama is incredible! In mid-June, the 10-year-old twins and their 11-year-old neighbor were enjoying time in the pool with the twins’ dad, Brad Hassig. When things took a turn for the worse, the twins were able to help their drowning dad.

According to Today, Hassig is a 46-year-old chiropractor.  He was doing breathing exercises underwater “to relax” when the unthinkable happened.  Not long after going underwater, Hassig lost consciousness.

Thankfully, Hassig’s son noticed something wasn’t right, and sprung into action. The twins saw their father slumped over and told their friend, who quickly strapped on goggles to dive under the water.

The twins were able to pull their father out from under the water.  Bridon, one of the twins, began performing CPR.  Although he’s never been trained in CPR, Bridon used information he’d learned from movies, like “The Sandlot.”

They were unable to unlock their dad’s phone to call for help, so Christian, one of the twins, ran to knock on a neighbor’s door.  When no one answered, he ran to the street to flag down someone, who was then able to call 911.

In addition, a neighbor who is a cardiologist heard the commotion and came to their aid as well.  Hassig was rushed to the hospital where they were able to get him stabilized. He still has some trouble with breathing and fatigue, but is thankful for his “heroes” for who he says he will be “grateful to them forever.”

It’s a great reminder to practice water safety.  Even the best of swimmers can run into trouble.  Hassig promises to never do underwater breathing exercises again, and also encourages people not to swim along.

As for the boys, they are taking formal CPR training, and have cell phones for future emergencies.

Check out Hoda’s interview with them on Today: