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In a recent interview on a Revolt TV podcast, fans found rapper Rubi Rose’s comment about Nicki Minaj’s relationship with husband Kenneth Petty to be pretty shady.

The “I Like” rapper gave her preference in dating saying that any man who is trying to date her needs to bring in more bread than her.

“[I want to date a man who makes] preferably more money than me,” she said during the interview. “If they don’t, we can work it out.”

She said she “hopes” he will bring in at least what she is bringing in and agreed with the host that she doesn’t want to be the provider, “I will help of course, but I don’t want to be the man in the relationship.”

That’s when the rapper presumably got shady when she name-dropped Nicki, “But I will, I see Nicki Minaj is happy,” Rose continued.

The ShadeRoom comments started getting heated and that’s when Rubi said that wasn’t her intention to be shady towards Nicki.

“Aht aht! I didn’t mean in it in a disrespectful way at all,” she wrote. “I was just saying you can be happy with a man who makes less than you. I’ll say britney spears next time … [crying tear emoji].”

Take a look at the clip below:

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