A single mom from Washington State gave birth to 3 babies, in less than a year… and they aren’t triplets!

In 2020, Stephanie Hansen gave birth to her first daughter, Daphne, in January.  And just over 10 months later, in December, she had her twin girls, Rubie and Penelope.  Three baby girls, all born in 2020.

Hansen described the experience to TODAY Parents as “total chaos, but it’s the best chaos.”

After giving birth in January, Hansen was in a new relationship and was shocked upon learning she was pregnant again.  She found out when trying to get on birth control.  In order to get on the pill, she had to take a pregnancy test.

Dr. Christine Greves, an OB-GYN, explains that ovulation can return as soon as 6 weeks after having a baby.  And after pregnancy and birth, it can be hard for women to know what phase of their cycle they are in, which could make it easier to get pregnant.

Hansen says she was in a “newborn fog” and adjusting to everything, but with the new relationship, there was a lot of excitement.

Initially she felt some guilt about her oldest daughter not getting one-on-one time and what she may miss out on. But even though she was still young, Daphne quickly fell in love with her two sisters and the three are now inseparable.

Even though her relationship with the twins’ father didn’t work out, they do remain friends and co-parent.  Hansen quickly decided she couldn’t sit around and cry about it, and even though it’s not always easy, she says, “These kids are the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”


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Source: TODAY