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Cardi B attends the Kate Moss High Jewelry Fashion Show as part of Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring Summer 2022 at Hotel Ritz on October 03, 2021 in Paris, France.

After winning a little over $4 million in a defamation suit against celebrity blogger Tasha Kay, Cardi B is asking a federal judge for a permanent injunction against the blogger for the “hurting and disgusting lies” she still has up on her YouTube page, per Rolling Stone.

According to documents filed in court Thursday, “Not all of the videos and posts containing the defamatory statements have been removed from defendants’ social media accounts… Despite the overwhelming evidence entered at trial and a unanimous jury verdict against (Kebe and her company) on all of plaintiff’s claims, they continue to insinuate that the defamatory statements are true. Plaintiff is only seeking to require defendants to remove any videos and posts that contain the defamatory Statements from their social media accounts and to enjoin defendants from republishing those same statements.”

Rolling Stone quotes the transcript from the court that Tasha Kay (real name Latasha Kebe) that the only way that she will take down the posts if she is forced to:

“So the only way at this point these videos are ever going to come down is if this court forces you to [remove them]. Is that right?” the lawyer pressed.

“That is correct,” Kebe replied.

“Are you essentially saying that to stop you from calling my client ‘Cold Sore B,’ my client needs to get a gag order?” the lawyer asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” Kebe replied.

Kebe was ordered to pay the “Up” rapper a little over $4 million back in January. Kebe’s attorney Sadeer Sabbak, said at the time that the defense “disagree[s] with the verdict” and “will be filing an appeal,” per Variety.

The Grammy-winning rapper later spoke to PEOPLE on how she feels, now that this ordeal is over, “After almost four years of repeated libel and slander against me, being able to walk away from this victorious brings me great happiness. I appreciate Judge Ray for conducting a fair and impartial trial.”

She added, “I am grateful for the jury and their careful deliberation over the past two weeks. I am profoundly grateful for the hard work and support from my legal team. Most importantly, thank you to my family and close friends who held my hand and helped me get the support I needed during this experience.”

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