This story is one that many people, both in the Augusta area and beyond, have been following for months.

Brittany Dick, 30, has spent the past 8 months in the hospital. Back in October, she went to the hospital for stomach pains and breathing issues. The diagnosis was really uncertain. At one point, doctors brought in the family to say their goodbyes.

The family truly took things day-by-day, posting updates on Facebook and having so many people praying for Brittany.

Even though there were some really dark and uncertain times, Brittany overcame many obstacles and beat the odds over and over.

On Wednesday, Brittany was able to walk out of the hospital. Her parents, Jim and Andie Dick, were told many times that that moment may never happen.
The celebration included family, friends, doctors and nurses lined up outside of the hospital with a red carpet, balloons and a limo!

The joyful moment was made even more memorable as she walked out of the hospital and her boyfriend, Justin, proposed to her!

A truly happy ending to a very long, uncertain journey for Brittany. And while her diagnosis is still unsure, we are all glad to see her heading in the right direction toward healing!

Andrea Andie Dick

Posted by Emily Kneece on Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Source: WRDW