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T.I. speaks onstage during META – Convened By BET Networks at The Edition Hotel on February 20, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.

For the past several months, T.I. and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, have been battling ongoing sexual assault allegations by at least 20 different women.

Yesterday, T.I. dropped a music video for his latest single, “What It’s Come To,” where he addresses the sexual abuse claims in a visual way. There is a billboard with the headlines of the allegations against T.I. and “Tiny,” with strings of yarn connecting them and a sharpie “X” over “Tiny’s” face.

In the clip, T.I. is in the studio booth responding to his accusers and calling them liars. He raps, “I’ma be standin’ tall like a statue/N—- f— that ‘He say, she say,’ if the receipts say that s— ain’t factual/I was built for all this s—, God sent me here with a mission.”

At the end of the video, it seems that T.I. is announcing his final album. It reads: “Kill the King—the final album. Coming soon.” T.I. has yet to divulge any information regarding the project’s release date.

Meanwhile, one of T.I.’s accusers, Sabrina Peterson, has responded to his music video, which mocks her for seeking an apology from the Atlanta rapper in exchange for dropping her defamation lawsuit against T.I. and Tiny. In a now-deleted post from her Instagram story, Peterson said that humiliating her won’t stop her from speaking out against him. Peterson added that T.I. is only hurting himself and that his music video promotes victim shaming.

“I have been in federal trouble before,” she wrote. “No matter how the public feels about [you] they can’t save you. Since your million-dollar team won’t tell you I will. You aren’t taunting me you are taunting your investigators. You aren’t taunting me you are igniting more women that have stayed quiet that you victimized.”

Per XXL Mag, she said in the caption of her now-deleted Instagram post, “Many of your fans have been victimized in their lifetime. Your tactics aren’t a good look. It’s actually sad! It’s heartbreaking! It’s one thing to put a gun to a woman’s head but it something totally different to keep attempting to victimized that woman again & again. When it’s all said it done I took the high road & tried to give mercy but you repaid it with mockery. Get out the booth & behind cameras & SEE ME IN COURT!”

“To all men out her victimizing women just note this your victim may be a child today, she may be broke today, she may be dumb today but you DONT KNOW WHO YOUR VICTIMS WILL BECOME,” she continued. “Victim SHAMING IS NOT OK!”

Sexual abuse allegations against T.I. and Tiny first came to light back in January by Peterson, accusing T.I. of pulling a gun on her at one point. T.I. and Tiny have since denied all accusations made by Peterson and the other women who have made claims against them.

You can watch T.I.’s “What It’s Come To” music video below: