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Ben Tolliday, a teen from Sandy Springs, Georgia, built a roller coaster in his backyard!

Tolliday made use of some of his downtime during the pandemic.  He says it took him about three weeks to build the ride in his backyard. He built it using two-by-fours, PVC pipe, cinder blocks and sand bags.

The teen wants to be an engineer, and it looks like he has a promising future! His mom is proud of his work, and even goes for a ride herself.  However, she laughs saying the coaster won’t be a permanent fixture in her yard.  She’s ready to get her yard back!

Teen builds roller coaster in backyard

Georgia teenager Ben Tolliday explains how he built a roller coaster in his family's backyard during the pandemic in three weeks.

According to WRDW, on Wednesday, Tolliday got a cool surprise at Six Flags Over Georgia. He got to meet Chief Engineer Larry Chickola, the mastermind behind all roller coasters at Six Flags Parks! Chickola shared details of building coasters with Tolliday.  The teen also got an underneath tour of the Twisted Cyclone roller coaster.


What did you accomplish during the pandemic and quarantine?  Definitely don’t have something like this to show…