According to WJBF, a portion of Broad Street will be shutting down for a movie shoot.

While many people travel down Broad Street daily, a small section will be inaccessible during filming.

The shut down will begin Sunday evening (March 28th), and continue all day Monday (March 29th).  The section will be reopened on Tuesday.

This will affect the area of Broad Street between 7th and 8th Street.

Some of the businesses in that area were given notice of intent letters about a week ago from the production company.   Some parking in the area may also be affected.

The mystery remains about what exactly will be filmed in our area, but according to the Georgia Department of Economic Development reports- more than 60 productions are being filmed in the state.

We’re excited to see filming resuming and movie theaters opening back up! We hope the trend will continue and we can return to some sort of “normal.”