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Cardi B is trying to get some answers and, of course, she is using social media to get them. On Instagram, Cardi posted a photo of a bald, caucasian man. She wrote, “Anybody knows this man from New York? I’m looking for him…You tried it BUDDY!!! …I’m giving TEN THOUSAND For any info on this man!”

She didn’t give any more details about why she was looking for him, so her comments were full of fans asking what he did. There were also comments warning her to take the photo down, including one from rapper T.I. He wrote, “Take this down Sis.” She later deleted the photo.

But she still went to Twitter and continued to give bits of information about him. After a fan wrote, “Cardi b openly putting a bounty on a mans head???,” she responded. She wrote, “I’m not putting a bounty just want some info, and if I did this man put a gun on somebody’s head rob them, and kept them hostage!”

Later, a fan asked if she was okay, and she said, “Yes it wasn’t to me.”

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