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2021, you're already off to a freakin' AMAZING start!

There’s nothing like a good 90’s snack to spark nostalgia, am I right? With Dunkaroos and Doritos 3D making a comeback, the folks at Good Humor Ice Cream are making all of our iconic foodie dreams come true.

Yesterday, Unilever, who owns Breyers, Klondike, Good Humor and other popular frozen treat brands, announced new items hitting store shelves in 2021.

In addition to new flavors of Klondike bars and the Breyers Carb Smart line, the company rocked the world of every 90’s kid when Viennetta Ice Cream cakes popped up on the list.

Remember those? Vienetta was THE epitome of wealth and sophistication as a child (well, that and Grey Poupon.). I can still remember drooling every time the commercial came on t.v.

Growing up, our family had to be on a very tight grocery budget, and Viennetta Ice Cream cakes were a luxury that we weren’t usually able to spring for. So, I’ve never actually had one – BUT, you can bet your britches that I’ll be one of the first people in line to buy the nostalgic treat. I fully expect it to live up to all of my childhood expectations.

According to the official release from Unilever, Viennetta Cakes and the other newly-added items are “now available┬áin major retailers┬ánationwide.” In the meantime, if you need a reminder of the decadent dessert, here you go…

Breyer's Viennetta Commercial 1995

Originally aired on ASN (Nova Scotia) in 1995.


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