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Raw meat sandwiches as a holiday tradition sound… made up.  But for Wisconsin natives, this gross and dangerous concoction is a delicacy…Health officials in the state of Wisconsin have spoken out, yet again, this year on the dangers of consuming raw meat.  For the other 49 states, this seems to be a no-brainer, but in Wisconsin, this sandwich has been a holiday tradition in many households for decades.

The Wisconsin Department of Health took to Twitter to explain that raw meat consumption poses a high risk for E.Coli, parasites, and other bacterial cross-contaminations.

While many outsiders expressed their extreme disgust for the long-time Milwaukee tradition, the locals defended what is known as the “cannibal sandwich” or “tiger sandwich.” A local Butcher shop even went on to say they’ve sold “more than 1,000 pounds of raw beef and about 250 pounds of raw onions during the holiday season, just for cannibal sandwiches.”

The raw meat is paired with spices and raw onion, often served on bread or crackers as a Holiday appetizer. Despite Wisconsin locals claiming the raw meat is safe because it is “specially prepared,” The U.S Department of Agriculture continue to raise awareness about the hundreds of people each year who fall ill from this consumption.

A friendly reminder from Health officials and common-sense lovers alike, to not consume undercooked beef! Learn more about this strange delicacy and all of the potential health risks it can bring here!