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Lizzo is having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction and went to Instagram to share it with fans. In a video, she explained that she couldn’t get her pasties off. “Sneak peek of my exclusive onlyfans content,” the singer joked in the caption.

In between dramatic sound effects, the singer says, “Help. My nipple pastie won’t come off. I’m scared. It’s been on for two days, and I don’t know what to do. It hurts so bad. I’ve put oil on it … oh my God, it hurts so bad. You guys, what do I do? I think I’m taking off the skin.”

Although she appears to be in pain in the video, it doesn’t make it any less funny or entertaining.

In her comments, fans are giving her advice on how to remove the covering. “Coconut oil,” one person writes. Another says, “Giiiirl as someone who worked in a tattoo shop for 7 YEARS. SOAK IT IN WARM WATER! then remove.” One person says what were all thinking by writing, “This has me stressed tf out.”

Watch the entertaining clip below.

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