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It looks like Vin Diesel is transitioning into a bonafide pop star. Yes, Vin Diesel from The Fast And The Furious franchise. The actor has put out a new, catchy single called “Feel Like I Do.”

He teased the upbeat dance track yesterday, writing, “For so long, I have been promising to release music… encouraged by you, to step out of my comfort zone. Thank you for believing in me. As always, I hope to make you proud.”

In a statement to USA Today, Vin spoke about the new tune. He said, “I have gravitated towards more emotional songs in the past. But everyone knows I love all music. Making music was something I initially did for my family.”

He added, “This is a new world for me. I am just grateful to be able to make music.” When asked by the outlet how he felt, he said, “The simple answer is … blessed.”

He lastly states that since The Fast And The Furious 9 is due out April 2021, “This could lead to a natural blending of talents down the road. ‘Fast: The Musical.’ Yes, please,” he jokes. “Sign me up.”

Listen to “Feel Like I Do” below, and then check out some of the most entertaining Twitter reactions about the song.


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