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Fall Guys blew up. That’s the easiest thing to understand by looking at Twitch, Twitter, or heck, even just regular people talking since the battle royale party game seems to capture the attention of anybody who comes across it. We’ve talked before about just how BIG the noise around the game is, but they have a pretty heavy following on social too, with their twitter hitting almost A MILLION followers in under two weeks. One of the things that are driving so many people to know about their Twitter account?


Fall Guys takes the internet by storm and starts a bidding war that has Mr. Beast, Ninja, G2 Esports, and more throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars at the game, the makers of Apex Legends say that they would love to make a Netflix series based on the game after they launched season 6, and a new documentary about video games called High Score releases.

Fall Guys is currently hosting a bidding war, with the highest bidder being able to have their own Fall Guys skin inserted into the game. All the money will eventually be donated to Special Effect, a charity designed to help gamers with physical disabilities.

This instantly brought out both streamers and companies alike, all wanting to get in front of the MILLIONS of people playing this game. G2 Esports was in the top slot for quite a while, kicking off the first HUGE donation pledge at just around 130k. Ninja eventually jumped in for 200 thousand, and now we sit with Mr. Beast at 300 thousand dollars.

So far, no one has rebid to get a higher final amount, but that’s not to say that we won’t see more coming in. Again, to put it in perspective, this is for not only millions of people to SEE the little fall guy skin in the game, but for millions of people to have the chance to be WEARING that skin, which can be a huge deal in terms of marketing.

Either way, it’s a win-win. Whoever or whatever wins, they get plenty of exposure in the game, all the money goes to a charity that is helping out an amazing cause, and Fall Guys get all the attention in the world paid to it. Now if only they could find time to teach my team how to play Jinxed so I don’t lose every time, that would be AWESOME.


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