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DULUTH, GA - AUGUST 10: Rappers Jermaine Dupri and Da Brat sit courtside during week eight of the BIG3 three on three basketball league at Infinite Energy Arena on August 10, 2018 in Duluth, Georgia.

Last week, K. Michelle accused Tamar Braxton of having sex with Jermaine Dupri’s father, years ago, and that she got into an altercation in an elevator over him. Da Brat recently spoke on the accusations and revealed that she was actually in the elevator during that altercation.

Da Brat confirmed that the incident did in fact happen. However, she said that it didn’t take place with Jermaine Dupri’s mother, as K. Michelle had said.

“Nope. Nope. Nope. Jermaine Durpi’s mama is Mama Tina, so nope that didn’t happen,” Da Brat said. “I happened to be in that elevator. That whole Beyonce thing, that definitely happened but that ain’t Jermaine Dupri’s mama. That’s Michael Marvin’s ex-wife,” Da Brat clarified while placing an emphasis on “definitely.”

“It was not Ma Tina. Let’s get that clear. That’s like my other mama,” Da Brat continued before being asked, “What happened?”

“Lord Jesus. No comment,” Da Brat said.

Da Brat was then asked, “Tell us who started the fight,” and she responded, “I was in the elevator, honey. It was just a situation and Michael Marvin’s ex-wife was just a little fed up and went down in the elevator.”

Da Brat was then asked if the fight that took place between Braxton and Marvin’s wife bigger than Solange and Jay-Z’s infamous elevator altercation that went viral.”It was a few people in the elevator,” Da Brat replied.

Last week, K. Michelle got on Instagram Live and addressed Braxton’s recent response to being asked if she would do a Verzuz battle with K. Michelle.

“How are you going to talk about me when you was sleeping with a married man. You was sleeping with Jermaine Dupri’s daddy,” K. Michelle said. “How you was sleeping with Jermaine Dupri’s daddy and get your ass beat by Jermaine Dupri’s mama in the elevator? But you wanna talk about me? You wanna talk about me? I don’t [expletive] with married men. But you’re so holy.”

Braxton had recently appeared on an episode of TS Madison‘s web show and was asked “Well, Tamar would you do a Verzus?” “With who?” Braxton asked. “K. Michelle,” TS Madison said.

Braxton then reached over and grabbed a bell and began ringing it without responding. During the interview, Braxton chose to stay mum and ring her bell when she didn’t want to answer something. However, not answering that specific question still somehow caused a bit of drama.


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