YouTube is under fire with several black creators using their service. Per the Washington Post, the creators allege that the platform’s algorithm systematically removes their content or limits how much it can earn from advertising.

They explain, “The suit outlines alleged discrimination against four creators, who post YouTube videos to earn advertising revenue. YouTube is part of tech giant Google. The suit is the latest in a series of allegations that YouTube’s software, which can automatically remove videos suspected of violating the company’s policies, discriminates against certain people, such as LGBT groups.”

In the lawsuit, they state that YouTube has absolute control over access to 95 percent of all video content available on their platform. They add that the brand “rigs the game, by using their power to restrict and block Plaintiffs and other similarly situated competitors, based on racial identity or viewpoint discrimination for profit.”

For example, one creator said the app removed her channel, alleging nudity. But she points out that none of her videos contained nudity. Other videos by the same creator were excluded because of alleged hate speech, which she argues is untrue.

YouTube has declined to comment on the lawsuit.