We reported last week about Amy Cooper, the caucasian woman who called the police on a Black man in Central Park after he asked her to put her dog on a leash. This happened in an area where signs are hanging that say dogs must be on leashes.

While on the phone, she made comments like “I’m taking a picture and calling the cops,” and ¬†“I’m gonna tell them that there is an African American man threatening my life.” Not only did the video go viral because of how she treated an innocent black man, but because of how she was holding and dragging her dog around during the ordeal.

As the video made its rounds on the internet, #KarenStrikesAgain began trending on Twitter. Afterward, it was revealed that she surrendered her dog to the rescue organization she adopted it from.

Now Amy Cooper has gotten her dog back. Abandoned Angel Cocker Spaniel Rescue¬†announced the news on Facebook, writing. “The dog was promptly evaluated by our veterinarian, who found that he was in good health.”

They add, “We have coordinated with the appropriate New York City law enforcement agencies, which have declined to examine the dog or take it into their custody. Accordingly, and consistent with input received from law enforcement, we have now complied with the owner’s request for return of the dog.”

Of course, this is sparking more outrage online from people who feel that the dog shouldn’t have been returned to her. Some feel the whole incident is a perfect example of “white privilege.”